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PDF Complete 4.2

Creates PDF files from various documents and images
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Turns Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and other documents into PDF files. Uses OCR technology to convert images into PDF documents that can be searched for keywords.

PDF Complete is intended to create, secure and edit PDF documents. It can also be used to visualize their contents. Luckily, it supports opening various PDFs simultaneously in different tabs. Moreover, it really facilitates browsing through the pages, highlighting text and searching for a given string. It is a shame, though, that it does not include any annotation features.

The program installs a virtual printer that can be accessed from any application that allows printing. So, a new PDF can be created this way regardless of the source format. However, unlike other similar products, PDF Complete does not allow importing any other format except PDF. Similarly, it only supports exporting to PDF, which means that it cannot be used to convert PDF to other formats. Another way to create a new document is by importing images from a scanner, and luckily, it can perform an OCR analysis on the source to make its text searchable. Unfortunately, the trial version does not let test this feature.

It is a pity that the editing features of PDF Complete are too limited. In this regard, the tool allows inserting pages from another document or a scanner as well as moving pages to a different location within the document. It also lets you delete and extract specific pages and combine various source documents. Additionally, it can change the orientation of the contents. However, it does not permit editing the text or the objects in the PDF.

This application can also protect your PDFs using passwords. This restricts the operations that other users can do on the documents. In this respect, you can set such permissions as viewing, editing, commenting, signing or printing. Finally, the created documents can be sent to a printer or via email.

All in all, I do not really think that PDF Complete is among the best products of its type. It does not have many of the features available from other similar applications, even those available for free. To make things worse, its demo version is not enough to convince us of its usefulness. For now, let us hope that its developers allow their potential customers to build a more grounded opinion of their product in the near future. One final note to remind you that there are two versions of this application: Corporate and Office

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates PDF from any application that supports printing
  • New document from scanner including OCR processing
  • Easy document browsing
  • Basic editing features
  • PDF protection


  • No annotation features
  • No conversion to other formats
  • Text or object editing not supported
  • Trial version with too many restrictions
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